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May 2024

September 2022

January 2021

Under the Radar on Vasari21.

December 2020

Somehow, this recent form reminds me of a boat and I wonder if this is a glimpse of my current state of despondency? Unable to travel, I can’t reach my mother and my aunt… and they are my home.

November 2020

My friend Sandy Yagi saw this photograph on her friend’s Facebook page, which mentioned how they played at the park one morning and then went to The de Young Museum, where her daughter sketched HER FAVORITE PIECE. Well, she didn’t use all caps on her Facebook post when she wrote that, but I was floating on cloud nine when Sandy tagged me on Facebook and I saw how this young artist responded to my work. Little Estelle will be visiting my studio when life is normal again and artists visit other artists as usual.

September 2020

A very complimentary article By Gary Singh, in Metro Silicon Valley.

April 2020

Bad Body Double | April 2020 | vertical diptych | 40×36” each | canvas

I turned 52 last week and in the past few months, I’ve put in a fair amount of time thinking about who I’m seeing in the mirror. Is it just me or are you also sometimes startled by the changes in the face that you took for granted?